Students who enrol on a course with Everso English or come to us through our partnership with The University of Winchester are encouraged to enhance their language learning by living with a homestay family. The idea is to provide a home away from home environment to enhance students’ understanding of British culture and tradition.


The University of Winchester

Many of our Homestay students are enrolled on English Language summer and winter schools with the University of Winchester. Our partnership with the University builds on a shared desire for the care and wellbeing of students enrolling in English programmes in Winchester and we are delighted to act as their Homestay provider. These students study at the University during the day and so the role as a host family is most important during the evenings and weekends. These students are all over 18 and as such fairly independent with a keen desire to explore both Winchester and the South of England. In support of the excursions offered through the university, host families are asked to invite students out with them at weekends if possible.


Why become a Homestay Family?

  • The pleasure of offering hospitality to an international student can be a very enjoyable experience for both parties.
  • Discovering and learning about other cultures and traditions can be very enriching both for the students and also the Homestay families. Engaging discussions on the differences between British culture and students’ own culture can be both educational and fascinating.
  • In welcoming students into your home, you can make a lot of lifelong friends from other cultures.
  • The experience can be both financially rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Money earned from the home is tax free up to £4,250, so it can be a great way of earning extra money from a spare bedroom, whilst enjoying the company of a student excited to be experiencing British culture.


Who can be a host Family?

  • Our host families must be based in Winchester, ideally on the Stage Coach bus route, although we do visit families on the outskirts of Winchester and would consider those on the Blue Star route, such as Otterbourne and Shawford.
  • We are looking for families who are welcoming and friendly and keen to play their part in helping students have a truly exceptional English experience.
  • Our host families will be visited by a member of our accommodation team, to check on the suitability of the home. They will also be required to sign a Children’s Protection Act form as well as provide a copy of their gas safety certificate.
  • If you are hosting students from the University, an adult member of the family must be available to collect the student from a central Winchester location upon arrival as well as drop them off at the University on the first day of their course. (Following this they will be provided with a bus pass to travel independently.)
  • With a growing register of Winchester families, our hosts vary and can include young couples, couples with children, retired couples or single parents. In the case of single parents, we would usually require the adult to be female, as the majority of our students are female.


What are host families expected to provide?

  • Students must have their own private room. If you are hosting two students, who are willing to share their Homestay, they must have twin beds. The room should also include a wardrobe or cupboard for their clothes, as well as a desk. If a desk is unavailable then they will need access to a table downstairs to complete their homework tasks.
  • Students must have access to a shower or bath. This can be shared with the rest of the family, however, there would need to be hot water available in the mornings and evenings.
  • Students are often with us for 4-6 weeks and as such require facilities for washing their clothes if needed.
  • If the students are 18 or over then they will require a door key. The students from the University are travelling to and from the West Downs Campus daily during the week and will need a key in case they come home before or after the rest of the family. (Often excursions will run over or they will decide to go into the city centre with friends.)
  • Homestays hosting students from the University will be issued with their course timetable for practical reasons as well as being able to display interest in the students’ day.
  • A full board student requires a breakfast, pack lunch and an evening meal. A Half board student requires just breakfast and an evening meal.
  • At the start of the stay the host family must provide Everso English with an invoice for their full fee. The fee will then be paid weekly to the host family by electronic transfer.



  • For one student full board the host family will receive £125 per week.
  • For one student half board the host family will receive £118 per week.
  • For two students full board the host family will receive £240 per week.

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