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Testimonials - what our students think

Alexandra Ramirez

1. How satisfied have you been with the tutor's dedication in meeting
your individual learning needs?

Very satisfied

2. How satisfied have you been with the course books and content
selected for your study?

Yes, especially the Cambridge English Grammar in Use book.

3. Do you feel the tutor left you an appropriate amount of homework to
complete outside of the class?


4. Do you feel you have made progress as a result of the classes?

I think my English is better but I did not ask Andy and I would like to
know what he thinks.

5. Would you consider returning to the Winchester area for another
course with Everso English?

Yes, I would think about it

6. Would you recommend Everso English to a friend?

Yes, of course

7. Were you happy with the tutor's level of professionalism, attitude
and manner?

I think the tutor's level is very good.

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Student Testimonials

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